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There are not adequate words to describe the high quality of service and expertise that you will find with these people. They are knowledgeable and experienced in every area of "earth" work one can think of. They build great roads, do grading work to perfection, fix and re-stone driveways, build stone walls, ETC. They insist upon excellence in everything they tackle. They are good hard workers, never cut corners, communicate well while the work is in progress, as needed. They are a family business and the salt of the earth, have access to good additional subcontractors where the job requires it, and last but not least, always price-competitive.JRC _ Kents Store, Va
First Review! Posted 05/24/07
11/02/2009     Letter of Recommendation
Monte Short worked on a project for me over a period of several weeks during the summer of 2009. The project involved refurbishing an old neglected cow pond that was behind my house. This pond was in desperate need of attention as it had been used as a source of water for farm animals for the past 50 years or so. The standing water area in the pond initially was approximately ¼ acre. But you could tell by the size of the dam that it had the potential to be significantly larger. The dam was approximately 150 feet long and about 12 feet wide. I tried to wade thru the pond several times to get an idea of its condition and its depth. I was amazed at the amount of silt that had collected at the bottom as I sank deeper and deeper into the mire. I was never able to get more than a few feet into the pond before I sank to the point of no return. The silt, as I found out later, was 4-5 feet deep in places. The pond was a constant source of frustration for me because the house we built in 2005 was designed with many windows that overlooked the pond. The intent was to someday have a picturesque pond take the place of this ugly eye sore that was full of black water, water lilies, and weeds.Knowing that the aesthetics of the pond was essential to the value of our new house and the adjoining lot, I interviewed many people trying to get prices, ideas and perspective from them all. Some of the people I interviewed were unable to guarantee completion of the project at all because of the depth of the silt. Never having taken on a project like this before, I was full of questions for everyone I spoke to about it. The one person who impressed me most was Monty Short. He let me know that he had concerns about the job because of the silt problem but he was willing to take it on at a price I thought was reasonable. He seemed to know his limitations but was very good at communicating his concerns and letting me know what to expect. We agreed on the terms, signed the agreement, and he and his son started the job in about a week.After a few weeks, the job was completed and I am completely satisfied with his work. He was able to expand the pond to the point where it is now well over an acre in size. It is now 7 feet deep at the deep end and 4 feet deep at the shallow end. He was able to remove all the silt and leave a pond bottom that is red clay that so far has been holding water fine and it appears should be full of water in a couple of months. After the pond work was complete I contracted with him and his son again to complete the landscaping part of the project. Again, his final product was just as I had hoped. In the end I have to say that Monty Short was true to his word and delivered exactly what we had agreed upon. He was always punctual, professional, courteous, and respectful. I will definitely contract with Monty again should another large project present itself. I would also highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional job at a fair price.
David  H. Garth, 4884 Columbia Road
Gordonsville, VA 22942
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